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5 Simple Valentine’s Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids

I have limited funds these days, so big and awesome gifts aren't realistic right now. The hubby and I found out we were expecting triplets 13 months into marriage. We celebrated one "normal" Valentine's Day...and the rest have been filled with newborns, and newborns-turned-toddlers. This year, I'm looking forward to surprising the hubby (who hopefully won't see this ;) ) with some simple Valentine's gifts that communicate how much we all love and appreciate him...without breaking our piggy bank. 5 Simple Valentine's Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids 1. Start the day with little "I'm thinking of you's." Bring him his coffee, made the way he likes it. Iron his shirt for him. Make him … [Read more...]

26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy. Was there ever a topic that created more curiosity, frustration, pleasure, and joy? These days there is so much information available on how to have better physical intimacy, though some of it causes pain and provides opportunities for sinful temptations. The fact of the matter is, we will all be curious or have questions at some point in our lives, right? Our bodies change. We get older. We gain weight. We lose weight. We have a baby (or multiple babies at once!). We have busy seasons. And we have sad seasons. Over the course of our lives, physical intimacy can change quite drastically. Physical intimacy is one of the most basic, God-given, beautiful, simple (and … [Read more...]

When Fear Becomes Our Motivator – The Swinging Pendulum of Parenting

When you hear the word “Gatekeepers” what do you picture? I imagine a scene from the Wizard of Oz where all the monkeys are standing guard determined to keep out intruders. Yo-Ee-Yo-O-O-Oh...It’s scary and intimidating. A good thing when it comes to the evil that the Bible refers to as “crouching at the door,” (Genesis 4:7). But we mustn’t treat our children as if they are the evil ones when it may be that they are being tempted. And yet it is all too easy to respond this way when fear becomes our motivator. "What-Ifs" with Children ---> Fear Becomes Our Motivator Most of us are tempted to fear when we discover our children are being tempted to sin or have sinned. We imagine all … [Read more...]

Gatekeepers of Faith, Not Fear

Do you ever battle fear for your children? I think all of us do - at least at some point in their lives! As parents, it's our job to be their gatekeepers while they're in our home. But we're called to guard their hearts and minds in faith, not fear. Gatekeepers of Faith, Not Fear The dictionary defines gatekeepers as:  One that is in charge of passage through a gate. One who monitors or oversees the actions of others.  It is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. The protection of the city depended on the gatekeepers’ job performance. If an enemy approached, it was their job to alert the people. Precautions had to be made and action required by all when the … [Read more...]

How to Talk About Homosexuality with Christian Teens

Homosexuality. Did I get your attention? I'm sure I did and I'm sure you dread figuring out how to talk about homosexuality with your teens. Maybe you’re thinking, “If talking with my teen(s) about sex wasn't already hard enough, now I've got to add this to the conversation?” Yes, absolutely.  Even if your teen has been “sheltered” from public school exposure, it's almost impossible to protect them from the pro-homosexual advancement of our current cultural climate. Not just homosexuality, but sexuality in general isn't just tolerated anymore: it's celebrated. Everywhere you turn, teens are encouraged to explore their sexuality and discover who they are, what gender they'd like to … [Read more...]

Your Darkest Secrets…

Imagine sharing the deepest part of your soul - online. For all the world to see. And share. Imagine not being able to control people's thoughts of what you share - whether they agreed or disagreed, understood or misunderstood, had pity or compassion. Darkest Secrets and Stories Shared For many of the authors in the Gatekeepers series, the story(ies) they share is a part of their testimony. As in, it has occurred in the past - God has brought them through, up and out of the pit. Their reasons for sharing are varied. For some, they felt alone in their struggles and satan used that, fed that feeling and kept them struggling for far too long. Some share their stories for a living - … [Read more...]

When There’s Three on the Screen – Three Babies

When you're lying there with goop on your belly, nervous and excited, and the technician says, "There's three!" Three babies. And time stops. And your heart takes forever to start beating again. And your mind goes numb, yet races at the same time. And someone tells you to smile. And you feel like a freak. When you look at the man you created a child with, learn there are three and wonder if he'll stay with you. And your heart wills him to feel through the panic and walk it with you. Even as he does the same. When logic commands you to deny all possibilities, every fibre of your being in confusion. And yet curiosity compels you closer. And the mother's heart within you draws you, … [Read more...]

Parenting is…

Incredible. Overwhelming. Exhausting. Terrifying. Challenging. Rewarding. Tricky. Testing. In a word...hard. What parent hasn't felt desperate for help, answers, and wisdom in knowing how to raise their child(ren)? Which of us hasn't watched a screaming baby who's been fed, changed, and burped and yet refuses to be calmed or 3am? What parent hasn't wondered what in the world to do with a toddler who refuses to go near the potty...and considered how bad it would be for him to actually go to college with Huggies? Who hasn't stared back at an 8 year old with an attitude the size of Texas and wondered how she got you to argue back with her for the past five minutes? Which … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Is…

Like you, I was hit by a tsunami of "I love my mother" posts on all the social media sites. It was precious seeing everyone's baby pictures, all of the "you're the best mother in the world" declarations, etc. And I loved seeing all the women honored - women who have sacrificed bodies, careers and unending hours of time to produce and care for and love their children. However, I found myself tossed by different emotions and thoughts. It seems to me that Mother's Day is actually very similar to every other day before it and after it! (Bear with me here - I have only celebrated a few Mother's Days, ok? I'm new at this. =) I mean, right? Would you agree that Mother's Day is: wiping snotty … [Read more...]

Little Daycare in the Suburbs, part 2

Welcome back! If you're just joining us, check out the first part of Little Daycare in the Suburbs. So. Why is it so hard to leave triplets with a sitter? Glad you asked! Here's why: It is physically exhausting. Loading three babies into highchairs (12 times), out of them (12 times), onto a changing table (18 times), off of it (18 times), into cribs (9 times), out of them (9 times), into the stroller (3 times), out of it (3 times) is exhausting. (That's a full-on workout!! And mine "only" weigh 22 lbs!) And of course they aren't all happily watching you cart one kid around...oh no. It often sounds like a daycare class. I challenge anyone who isn't rattled by crying babies to join a … [Read more...]