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Summer Giveaway Bash – BlendTec, doTERRA, NYR Organics

What does this summer giveaway have to do with *you*? Well, if you like smoothies (ice cream? soup? dip? food?), could use some pampering or want to add some awesome essential oils to your arsenal, keep reading! Are you excited for summer? We are! In fact, we're excited to be bringing you an amazing chance to get all the tools you need to be healthy this summer. With three winners being selected and over $700 in prizes it's sure to be fun! We have a giveaway this month geared towards anyone wanting to be healthy and even a little pampered. We're starting with spa products, then moving on to natural healing, and finishing with the perfect blender for smooth summer treats. Let's take a … [Read more...]

$100 Home Decor Giveaway

I'm super excited to continue this week's celebrations of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale with another FANTASTIC giveaway! I was recently introduced to this company and am in love. You'll have to check out all of their products because they're just sososo beautiful! And timeless - I can see many of these pieces being ones I'd love to pass on to my daughters as they start their own homes someday. This home decor giveaway is for over $100 worth of Mary and Martha products. If you are unfamiliar with Mary and Martha here is a quick run-down: A child company of Dayspring; Mary and Martha focuses on helping you make entertaining simple. All products point to scripture with beautiful table … [Read more...]

How Many Cups in a Quart?

Yes, I should know this. I should probably know a lot of other things, too. But when I have a toddler holding onto my ankles asking for a drink, another crying from an owie and a third repeating the same phrase over and over until I acknowledge her - all while I'm trying to get the gosh darn recipe together before it any wonder I have to ask, "How many cups in a quart?" How many of you out there know what I'm talking about? :) How Many Cups in a Quart? ...And Other Important Questions Why do toddlers pick dinner time prep to become clingy, needy, whiny? Why does this time frame all of a sudden make me feel like I'm failing my kids and hubby? (Should I be doing … [Read more...]

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

I've always been on a budget. I grew up learning how to manage my money well, and I'm so grateful! But, now that I'm married with a kitchen of my own, I find I am very much tempted to run get every kitchen tool and gadget I fall in love with. Alas. It just isn't in the budget! Sigh. So here is my Wish List for my kitchen right now. Some of these items I just need more of. But others I have been drooling over. I've got a few plans for setting money aside and saving for some of these kitchen tools....after I spend some Christmas money, that is. ;) 11 Ways to Spend Christmas Money in the Kitchen Staples I am in love with these 1/2 gallon mason jars. I pick-up our raw milk every … [Read more...]

Sombrero Dip!

If you're like me, you RSVP to a party ( do RSVP, right? ;) ) and then wonder what you might be able to eat while there. And, if you are gonna bring something - what do you bring that's a crowd-pleaser that doesn't seem to shout "I'M HEALTHY!?" Enter The Sombrero Dip! This recipe actually came from a cookbook in my sweet mother-in-law's cupboard - the original microwave cookbook! Apparently when microwaves first came out, they came with cookbooks...and I was fascinated! I didn't know such cookbooks existed! I didn't know that microwaving food was such an art! Did you?? Anyways, so this dip (originally supposed to be prepared in the microwave) is a Fountain Holiday Staple. And … [Read more...]

Teaching Toddlers the Story of Jesus’ Birth – My Favorite Resources

If you have very young children, you know what I'm talking about when I say there is so much they don't understand. I often find myself stuttering as I try to "re-size" my instructions, descriptions, and even my excitement, to a level they can comprehend! And Christmas is no different. Teaching toddlers the story of Jesus' birth can be like trying to...well, teach a toddler anything: tough. Have you said any of these lately? We don't touch the Christmas tree! Even though it's big and twinkle-y and just randomly appeared in our living room? Look! It's Santa! Ohhhhk, well who are the other 25,000 people hovering around him? And you want me to sit on his lap??? What's a manger? … [Read more...]

Melissa and Doug {Giveaway}

I'm super excited to share this giveaway with you! Pretty sure you're gonna love it, too, because you get a chance to win one of Two Toy Shopping Sprees from Melissa and Doug Toys! Melissa and Doug is one of the best resources for educational toys that I've found. They are quality items that can withstand quite a bit of use. I love how versatile these toys are, and I'm not the only one! The bloggers below have all partnered together to bring you this fantastic giveaway from Melissa and Doug! Each blogger writes in the "kid niche area" meaning that you can click through to any blog and find inspiration for play-based educational activities, arts, and crafts that your kids are sure to … [Read more...]

A {Big} Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway

I hope you haven't done all your shopping for Christmas already... if you have you may want to buy a big ticket item for the whole family! I'm so excited to bring to you, A Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveway, where 3 readers will each win their own $250 Amazon Gift Card, to go on a shopping spree that they will never forget. Let me introduce you to the wonderful sponsors of this amazing giveaway that you will not want to miss out on: Teachers of Good Things | Beyond the Cover | Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies | The Chaos and The Clutter | Intoxicated on Life | Simply Sherryl | Golden Reflections Blog | The Vicki Arnold Blog | Wildflower Ramblings | Kids Yoga Stories | Moola Saving … [Read more...]

Blendtec vs. Vitamix – which is better?

Lately I've been trying to decide something very important. Earth-shattering, really. I mean, like the scientists in their laboratories will be amazed. I just can't help it, though. I have been trying to decide between: a Blendtec and a Vitamix I know. You all are impressed, as well. Kidding. Seriously. And honestly, it's not that I have a ton of cash lying around to run out and get one! (So anyone planning to break in tonight, think again.) But I'm saving my pennies and hope to get my new baby soon. Before I do, I have to figure out which one is better. My mama recently loaned me her Blendtec. And I love it. I have used it several times a day, every day. I've made smoothies and … [Read more...]

Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby {The Fine Print}

Welcome back to our series on the Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby! When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I knew it was good for baby. I began to realize just how good it was for baby. And I also learned it was really good for me, too! One of my favorite finds? That the "goodness" doesn't stop at the baby's birthday! It is still good for baby and mom, for as long as they both want to continue. There's no magical switch that's flipped on her first birthday where all of a sudden, after diving into that smash cake, breastfeeding is no longer beneficial or good. Nope. Breastmilk continues to deliver: nutrients, emotional security, physical development, and more. In fact, the WHO … [Read more...]