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Big Announcement – Guess What We’re Doing This Year?

You've noticed. And checked in with me to see if everything has been alright. And it has really touched me that you noticed. It has been quiet around here! But everything is really ok. My family experienced a major upheaval this past summer when we moved from the only city I've ever lived in to a new city a 12 hour drive away. The transition has been difficult, as expected - more on that later. But it has also been amazing. You can read my update on our new life in Tennessee here. The Announcement! But even more exciting is that we are adding to our family!! And this time it is one baby. It's true! This time around we will get to experience a singleton and I am pretty excited. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

We hope you and yours have had a wonderful Christmas! Love to you all! The Fountains … [Read more...]

Goat’s Milk Formula – One Mother’s Solution for Twins

Goat’s milk formula??! What’s in it? Where will I find the milk? Raw milk??...are you sure that’s safe? What if the boys don’t like it? What if it upsets their tummies? How much will this cost? How on earth will I continually mix it up with all of those ingredients? It seems overwhelming already! These were just some of the thoughts I had as we began the process of transitioning to goat’s milk formula when my boys were four months old. Let me digress and share a little about our journey… A Need and A Solution: Goat's Milk Formula I planned on breastfeeding my twins until they were at least a year old. I knew it would be a challenge, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would … [Read more...]

When There’s Three on the Screen – Three Babies

When you're lying there with goop on your belly, nervous and excited, and the technician says, "There's three!" Three babies. And time stops. And your heart takes forever to start beating again. And your mind goes numb, yet races at the same time. And someone tells you to smile. And you feel like a freak. When you look at the man you created a child with, learn there are three and wonder if he'll stay with you. And your heart wills him to feel through the panic and walk it with you. Even as he does the same. When logic commands you to deny all possibilities, every fibre of your being in confusion. And yet curiosity compels you closer. And the mother's heart within you draws you, … [Read more...]

Temper Tantrums…x 3

Nobody who has experienced a child’s temper tantrum would say they are eager for the next one to occur: “Oooh, that was just so much fun! I can’t wait to deal with a flailing, screaming, breath-holding, snot-dripping toddler again! I hope this happens again soon!” Said no parent. Ever. =) My babies are 21 months on the 1st and they are quite expressive these days (to state it mildly). Lately it seems that when one is set off, a second or a third quickly follows suit. It’s as if they all get together and discuss how and when and why to attack me. I know they don’t really. Probably not…right? The Challengers Because they are all at the same level of cognitive learning, their ability … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Things To Say To Moms of Multiples

Welcome back to our series on Life with Multiples! Some of your favorite posts in this series have been If You Were Born With Your Siblings and Ahhh, Those Newborn Days...x 3!!!. And read through to the end for a special deal for you! Being a mom of multiples (MoM), I am no stranger to embarrassing and, oftentimes, challenging questions while out with my family. It comes with the territory: I remember the day we first tried to go to our local Farmer’s Market when the babies were really little. There were three adults with me and we did not have enough fingers between us to count the stares, looks, points, questions and whispers. No joke. (I did get some free cheese for having … [Read more...]

Babe In A Mug

Recently my hubby said he was surprised I hadn't picked up on the "baby in a mug" craze going around. I said, "what's baby in a mug?" He was even more surprised to learn I hadn't seen this yet. So he told me to Google it. I did. And ohmygoodness, sooooo cute and so fun! So, of course I had to do it. Heehee! And why stop with one baby? Let's get TRIPLETS in a mug!!! So, without further ado, here is our snapshot of #babeinamug: This was obviously a very large mug. Kidding. It's actually the mug we got from our honeymoon. :sigh: Now I need to go reheat my, coffee! And you wanted to vote for us below, right? Cause you haven't yet today? See, I knew there was a reason I was including … [Read more...]

Little Daycare in the Suburbs, part 2

Welcome back! If you're just joining us, check out the first part of Little Daycare in the Suburbs. So. Why is it so hard to leave triplets with a sitter? Glad you asked! Here's why: It is physically exhausting. Loading three babies into highchairs (12 times), out of them (12 times), onto a changing table (18 times), off of it (18 times), into cribs (9 times), out of them (9 times), into the stroller (3 times), out of it (3 times) is exhausting. (That's a full-on workout!! And mine "only" weigh 22 lbs!) And of course they aren't all happily watching you cart one kid around...oh no. It often sounds like a daycare class. I challenge anyone who isn't rattled by crying babies to join a … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Triplets: A Battle of Love

**The response to this post has been overwhelming! I truly hope it is helpful to others to hear the struggles and victories of a mama who is breastfeeding triplets - against many odds. Please take a moment and "like" us on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with the goings-on here at Growing Up Triplets! And leave a comment to say "hey!" =) ** Today I’m guest-posting over at Intoxicated on Life. Trisha is running a series on breastfeeding – the challenges, joy, obstacles, paraphernalia and stories of dozens of women and their children. And she asked me to join these women and share my journey. If you’ve been reading Growing Up Triplets long, you know sharing what God has done for me … [Read more...]

Little Daycare in the Suburbs

It's really interesting, the spectrum of responses I get on various aspects of life with triplets. Sometimes I feel like a volleyball, being hit from one side to the other. I regularly have conversations with people who can't stop shaking their heads at how I "do it all." (I don't. See my explanation here.) I often hear, "My one (or two, or three, or four) is so challenging - I can't imagine having three at once." Neither could I, friend. Neither could I. =) These are often the same people who seem surprised to see me around town - at church, the grocery store, etc. Somehow, I should be unable to get out until maybe around age 6. And the fact that I am out must mean I am Super Woman. Most … [Read more...]