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What To Expect – In the NICU {an interview, part 2}

Welcome back! We’re discussing what parents can expect during a NICU stay and are interviewing a couple of wonderful nurses our babies had during our stay. If you missed Part 1 of this interview, you can catch up really quickly here. All caught up? Great! Ok, let's jump back in: So how beneficial is kangaroo-care, really? Mandy: Very beneficial! It can contribute to a decrease in hospital stay for your baby(ies). Just ask the nurse if it is a good day to hold your baby. There are some days where it is not the best day or time to hold the baby due to medical reasons, such as excessive apnea/bradycardia spells, recent work up for infection, general instability, blood transfusion, etc., … [Read more...]

What To Expect – In The NICU {an interview}

Thanks for joining us! We are currently in the middle of a series on Life with Multiples. Today we’ll hear from a couple of ladies who just happen to be two of my favorite nurses while the babies were in the NICU! While in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a good nurse is more than just a good nurse. She might be a shoulder you cry on, the person you (unexpectedly) share first milestones with, and most likely will become a good friend. Mandy was the babies' nurse the day we celebrated them turning one week old. And Laura helped me give each of my 4-lb babies a bath for the very first time. David and I were at the hospital as much as we could be, so we got to know our nurses really … [Read more...]

If You Were Born With Your Siblings…

Any mom can attest to the crazy joys of parenting several children all at once. The fights over...well, everything. The tattling. The "ick" factor. The exhaustion. The laughs... but think back to when you were "one of the kids" growing up. Remember? Well, recently David's identical twin brother, Daren, and his family were at our house. They were in town vacationing and we were super excited to have them visit. Pretty much anytime I'd been with David's twin was when we were visiting his family in Georgia - David's home state. And of course pretty much everyone had watched them grow up and were used to their identical-ness. But this time they were on our turf. They came to our … [Read more...]

Ahhh, those newborn days…x 3!!!

If you've ever had a newborn baby, you know that there is no other sleep exhaustion quite like that of the first newborn days, weeks and months (sometimes years!) of your baby's life. Add in two more newborn babies, and life gets CRAZY. Like many moms, mine planned to stay with us when we brought the babies home from the hospital...little did we realize that it would take her, me and David to just care for the babies! Clean the house? Nope. Fix meals? Nope. Nap? Ha! Night-time feedings were especially chaotic! The babies came home eating every three hours or so. Can you imagine what it is like to have one waken early? And then the challenge to get three settled back down so you can then … [Read more...]

A Day In Our Life With Three Babies!!

Ever wonder what life with three babies is like? Here's what ours currently looks like: 6:30am – Makenna fusses. Try to settle her down since she has another hour to go. 6:45am – Get up, make bottle for 7am feeding (we love these). Making bottles makes me feel like a chemist – a little of this pumping, a little of that one. Make coffee. 7:00am – Bring Noah and Emma out to the living room for breakfast (they just started sleeping in their own room ::sniff::). Breastfeed Noah for the next hour while Emma gets a small bottle and finishes feeding with me – tandem nursing the two babies. 7:30am – Emma finishes. Tummy time with her while still feeding Noah? She falls asleep. … [Read more...]