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Hope for the Lean Years

My husband and I were married the day after college graduation in 2006 with a budget of $2000 for every last wedding/honeymoon thing. I come from a low-income single parent family, and my husband's family was in the throes of dealing with his mother's cancer. Our families didn't have much money to give, so we didn't even ask. We made it work and had a lovely ceremony because of donated time and talents from the wonderful people in our lives. Having Hope in the Lean Years Just a year later, we found out we were expecting baby #1, and I knew I would want to stop working outside the home, but we were already stretched thin financially. I checked out every book I could find (thank you … [Read more...]

84 Resources Every Homemaker Needs – $900 value for only $29!

What costs a teeny-tiny bit but packs a punch with value? This bundle sale!! It's true! Every homemaker needs a little encouragement, some freebies and support every once in a while You guys, I wouldn't even think about joking with you on this. The values of these sales continue to amaze me, and this one is no different.  For the cost of a few espresso drinks, you'll reap the benefits of these resources (and freebies!!) for years to come! Oh, I know you're going to *love* these resources! By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it's better than ever! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of great eBooks on … [Read more...]

When the Good News Becomes Old News

How does the good news become old news? See if you can find the subtle transition in these scenarios: A friend says, "Did you hear what Lauren said about you?! I can't believe she had the nerve to even act like she knows what she's talking about!" You stew for days/weeks/months/years while waiting for Lauren to "come clean" about her dirty, old gossip. Meanwhile, you give her the cold shoulder. A mom in your playgroup looks on and does nothing as her child "corrects" yours with proper playground etiquette, in a lovely and condescending and unrelenting sort of way. Suddenly, it's painfully obvious (to you, at least) how very "bad" her child is and you silently congratulate yourself for … [Read more...]

Preparing for Birth Spiritually and Emotionally

I had dreams and aspirations for the birth of my children that everything would go as planned. However, both children surprised me with an early arrival, with little time left for preparing for birth. At noon on Saturday, February 2, 2013, a friend called asking us to take custody of her nephew. What followed was a flurry of home inspections, background checks, and lots of cleaning. By 5:36pm that afternoon, a tiny trembling 8-month-old boy was placed in our arms with a little plastic bag of clothes, one blanket and a carseat. In less than 6 hours we had become parents with hardly any notice or preparation. Six months later, on Friday night, August 9th, at 11:00pm, I went into labor. No … [Read more...]

Set Apart – A Proverbs 31 Devotional Ebook Launch

Have you ever read Proverbs 31 and felt inspired? ....and then ready to quit at the "she rises while it is yet night" portion? Does the long list of things she does overwhelm you with reminders of what you don't? I hear ya! And this is why I'm so excited about this Proverbs 31 devotional: Proverbs 31 is a beautiful depiction of what a godly, beautiful-on-the-inside woman does and is. It was written by King Lemuel's mother to help identify a woman of character. It should not, however, serve as a list of rules we must adhere to in order to be the best we can be. Yet, as we read this chapter, it really is easy to feel defeated from the get-go. My list of accomplishments often looks like … [Read more...]

5 Simple Valentine’s Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids

I have limited funds these days, so big and awesome gifts aren't realistic right now. The hubby and I found out we were expecting triplets 13 months into marriage. We celebrated one "normal" Valentine's Day...and the rest have been filled with newborns, and newborns-turned-toddlers. This year, I'm looking forward to surprising the hubby (who hopefully won't see this ;) ) with some simple Valentine's gifts that communicate how much we all love and appreciate him...without breaking our piggy bank. 5 Simple Valentine's Gifts for the Mom with Young Kids 1. Start the day with little "I'm thinking of you's." Bring him his coffee, made the way he likes it. Iron his shirt for him. Make him … [Read more...]

26 Resources for Better Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy. Was there ever a topic that created more curiosity, frustration, pleasure, and joy? These days there is so much information available on how to have better physical intimacy, though some of it causes pain and provides opportunities for sinful temptations. The fact of the matter is, we will all be curious or have questions at some point in our lives, right? Our bodies change. We get older. We gain weight. We lose weight. We have a baby (or multiple babies at once!). We have busy seasons. And we have sad seasons. Over the course of our lives, physical intimacy can change quite drastically. Physical intimacy is one of the most basic, God-given, beautiful, simple (and … [Read more...]

Your Darkest Secrets…

Imagine sharing the deepest part of your soul - online. For all the world to see. And share. Imagine not being able to control people's thoughts of what you share - whether they agreed or disagreed, understood or misunderstood, had pity or compassion. Darkest Secrets and Stories Shared For many of the authors in the Gatekeepers series, the story(ies) they share is a part of their testimony. As in, it has occurred in the past - God has brought them through, up and out of the pit. Their reasons for sharing are varied. For some, they felt alone in their struggles and satan used that, fed that feeling and kept them struggling for far too long. Some share their stories for a living - … [Read more...]

I’m Not Super Mom

I can’t do it all - I'm not super mom. It’s true. Actually, I struggle to do most things. I fall into bed exhausted and many times I wake up still tired. And this is nothing new. I had a hard time “doing it all” when I was a teen…single…married and working. Even the months I was on bedrest with seemingly nothing to do, I found myself overwhelmed many times because of my limitations. And I still have limitations. Lots of them. They look different now than before I had babies. And now, with three M&M’s hanging on me during the day, it’s pretty dang difficult to accomplish much. And I’m sure my limitations will look different in 5, 10, 15, 30 years. Most days I accomplish little else … [Read more...]

Forty Years in the Making – An Anniversary to Celebrate

Every once in a while you encounter a moment in time that you realize will be life-altering. You know the kind? Life is just happening…when all of a sudden it dawns on you that this present moment is a bit bigger than you had thought. I’ve had several moments like these. Most recently, was when I learned that I was carrying triplets. The world around me stopped and life as I knew it – life as I’d hoped, planned and dreamed it – was shattered. (The Good News Is - It's Triplets) These moments can be good but they can also be terrifying and tempt us with serious doubts, worry and flat-out fear. But I think even in these scary, life-altering moments we can be propelled towards a more … [Read more...]