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13 Ways for New Parents to Rekindle the Romance

Thanks again for joining us for the mini-series we just finished helping new parents to rekindle the romance in their marriages! We've loved hearing from you how our thoughts have mirrored your own and, at times, been new suggestions for you. It's neat to see how the Lord chooses to work in us; we are very grateful for the gift of technology and the opportunities things like blogs provide. They can, like so many things, be instruments and means of grace in our lives. We hope to learn from you, too. Leave a note with your favorite post and be sure to link to your blog so we can visit! If you missed any of the posts, you can either click on the "Christian Marriage Bloggers Association" … [Read more...]

What’s Netflix Got To Do With It?

Today is the final day in the series with the ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA! We made it!!! Whew! =) The last suggestion we wanted to share was borne out of our specific and unique experience. David and I became parents on October 1, 2011 to three babies – Makenna, Noah and Emma. There was just one slight problem…there were only the two of us. We actually brought all three of them home from the hospital a year ago this week! They were exactly one month old but between 4 lbs 13oz and 5ish-ish pounds each. We were blessed to not have any health issues or monitors or machines to bring home with them. But we were working around the clock to care for them. Even though they were on a … [Read more...]

“List-maker, List-maker, Make Me a List!”

Welcome back! We’re already on Day 12 of our ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA!! Yesterday we discussed date night importance. And today I wanted to share a tip I learned from a married woman years and years before David was even in the picture! Task lists. Either you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But actually, we all use them. You may not actually write your “to-do’s” down on a notepad but you more than likely keep track of them in your head. Either way, we all have a growing list of tasks to accomplish and cross off. These lists seem never ending and, at times, quite daunting. Personally, I am a list-maker-lover. I am one of those who writes down already accomplished tasks in order to be … [Read more...]

Captivated .Again.

We’re nearing the finish line; our ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA is just days away from completion. I hate running…but this is fun. Haha! Today, David’s little tip is a well-known and most desired event but it often feels as if it might require the moving of a mountain. Date your wife. There is nothing like a new baby to make you long for those care-free days when you very nearly did as you pleased, yet leaves you too exhausted to do anything at all. However, dating your wife (post marriage, obviously. Obviously.) is pretty important since it, for a few hours, separates the two of you from everyday life. It gives you the chance to reconnect, to have unhurried conversation, to focus on … [Read more...]

Just a Little Effort

In an earlier post within our 1/2 marathon blog challenge with CMBA, we discussed some simple ways for the hubby to bless his wife during this crazy and challenging yet beautiful season of new parenthood. But ladies, we didn’t want to forget you! Between feedings and sopping up spit-up and changing dirty diapers, there are ways we can bless the hubby. …easy ways. I promise. One of the biggest challenges of having little ones is the amount of mental energy they consume. I mean, let’s face it; we all know they zap our brain cells. I’m just hoping my brain will replace those cells so I can one day not need my calculator to figure out how many ounces 8 and 8 are…yes, folks, it can be that bad. … [Read more...]

“The good news is – it’s triplets.”

A year ago today David and I received news that would change our lives. We found out we were pregnant about a month earlier. And at the time I was 11 weeks along. David left early that morning for Cincinnati, OH for a conference he was leading. He wouldn’t be back until late Sunday. I was already in the throes of morning sickness, which of course knew no definition of time – keeping me up at night sometimes. I woke up and began to prepare to leave for work. I began to experience some bleeding and quickly called our wonderful midwife, Diane. She had done a quick check-up earlier that week and we had heard the heartbeat! But she was slightly concerned with the bleeding so she said she … [Read more...]