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How Should Porn be Handled in the Church?

Pornography is a problem everywhere, for sure. But how should porn be handled in the church? How should it be dealt with in the community of believers, the household of faith? For many, the answer is simple: Do nothing. Say nothing. Don't give anybody any ideas, for goodness' sake! (Interested to see just how common porn is in the church?) It seems like the only strategy local pastors, youth leaders, children's ministry workers, biblical counselors and small group leaders have is to wait until someone brings the subject up before anything can be said. Unless, of course, you do a special sermon or seminar on the subject to educate and equip your church members in the fight against the … [Read more...]

When Going to Church is Overwhelming…

Thanks to all who participated in our contest this past week for the TruKid Sunscreen! And the winner is... Emily W. Yay - congratulations, Emily! I can't wait to start the next giveaway - stay tuned!! Recently I came across this post and felt it resonate within every hormonal fiber of my being. =) If you've got children and the thought of the approaching Sunday church service fills your heart with dread, you're not alone. It is exhausting getting through a church service while corralling several kiddos. But this mom/pastor's wife/encourager speaks right to us and reminds us that it is good for us to bring our noisy, wild brood. Even with the tears (ours and theirs), the tantrums (ours … [Read more...]

Forty Years in the Making – An Anniversary to Celebrate

Every once in a while you encounter a moment in time that you realize will be life-altering. You know the kind? Life is just happening…when all of a sudden it dawns on you that this present moment is a bit bigger than you had thought. I’ve had several moments like these. Most recently, was when I learned that I was carrying triplets. The world around me stopped and life as I knew it – life as I’d hoped, planned and dreamed it – was shattered. (The Good News Is - It's Triplets) These moments can be good but they can also be terrifying and tempt us with serious doubts, worry and flat-out fear. But I think even in these scary, life-altering moments we can be propelled towards a more … [Read more...]

Easter Weekend

I've always loved Easter and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love remembering His incredible sacrifice for us on Good Friday, and His triumph over the grave three days later. I grew up knowing it was a celebration of "more than just fun baskets." My parents did a wonderful job teaching us the true meaning of Easter. And I am so grateful.But we also had lots of fun with Easter! I can't tell you how many times we found "lost" Easter eggs in the backyard...months afterwards. Or how many bunnies or birds we got at the end of a treasure hunt over the years. Or the Easter cakes and crafts we made. Or how many times we've gone through the Easter eggs that tell the Resurrection … [Read more...]

1/2 Marathon – My Style

I love a good challenge. That’s why I had triplets! (Kidding!) But seriously, I love challenges. I love working towards a goal. Life is so much more exciting to me when I work under deadlines. (I’ve found myself complaining a lot more these days about my deadlines, but that’s a story for another post.) So, when I saw a dear friend (Debi from The Romantic Vineyard) encourage fellow-bloggers to take this challenge, I thought it would be fun. I immediately knew what I wanted to write. I’m starting after most of the other “competitors” because I’ve had quite a bit to write about with our babies’ first birthday stuff (pictures, birth story part 1, birth story part 2). So, who am I writing to? … [Read more...]

11 Months!!!

My babies are 11 months old. I don't know how this happened. It seems like just yesterday we were praying they would take another 10 mLs through their feeding tube and now I'm peering around the corner at their upcoming birthday, creating their smash cakes!!! Like every other mother, I just want to pull back on the reins of time and freeze frame every moment. Pictures and videos can't hold a candle to the memories themselves, though I've never been so thankful to have them as I am now. My tiny babies are growing up before my eyes!!! We are trying new foods several times a week (well, when Mama can remember to throw something new at them). To date, they have had a yummy variety of fresh … [Read more...]