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Hope for the Lean Years

My husband and I were married the day after college graduation in 2006 with a budget of $2000 for every last wedding/honeymoon thing. I come from a low-income single parent family, and my husband's family was in the throes of dealing with his mother's cancer. Our families didn't have much money to give, so we didn't even ask. We made it work and had a lovely ceremony because of donated time and talents from the wonderful people in our lives. Having Hope in the Lean Years Just a year later, we found out we were expecting baby #1, and I knew I would want to stop working outside the home, but we were already stretched thin financially. I checked out every book I could find (thank you … [Read more...]

These Most Beautiful Moments {a family portrait}

It's not even funny how much craziness a newborn brings into the picture. There are the sleep-less nights. The blowouts. The sore nips. The confusing cries. The chaos crescendos loudly at times and you're tempted to wonder what you were thinking. And then. There's the first coo. You know what I'm talking about. The sound that melts your heart and lets you in on a tiny little secret - that Baby knows you. And that gives you the strength (or is it a surge of postpartum hormones?) to endure the difficult moments later that day. But even more than the difficult moments are the ones you wonder how you ever lived without this little person. How did the world keep turning … [Read more...]

The Story of Judah’s Home Birth

If you want to know what victory feels like, give birth naturally. The exhilarating high that comes from giving birth to a child you carried for nine months is probably equal to the raw power felt while making the birth happen. There is seriously nothing else like it. (Sorry, guys, guess you'll never know this triumph. :) I really hoped that I would feel like so many moms who gush about "getting their VBAC" and the high they live on for weeks. I wondered if it was exaggerated - because let's face it, labor hurts. But they were right and I feel so strong and it feels so right to say: I got my VBAC! But let me back up and describe how this all took place. Not So Fast! Around 35 … [Read more...]

On Being Pregnant Longer Than with the Triplets…

I made it! I’m sure 33 weeks doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment to most women who have been pregnant. But with each week and then each day that brought me closer to the time I delivered the triplets, it just continued to amaze me what a gift I was receiving! The underlying fear I didn’t realize I was holding on to was that my body was ultimately “broken” and would go into premature labor once again. Visions of NICU stays and beeping machines and fragile babies and long lonely walks into the hospital and being unable to feed my babies – these all hovered in the back of my mind. But breaking past this point must be something like what a runner feels like seeing the Finish Line and … [Read more...]

Big Announcement – Guess What We’re Doing This Year?

You've noticed. And checked in with me to see if everything has been alright. And it has really touched me that you noticed. It has been quiet around here! But everything is really ok. My family experienced a major upheaval this past summer when we moved from the only city I've ever lived in to a new city a 12 hour drive away. The transition has been difficult, as expected - more on that later. But it has also been amazing. You can read my update on our new life in Tennessee here. The Announcement! But even more exciting is that we are adding to our family!! And this time it is one baby. It's true! This time around we will get to experience a singleton and I am pretty excited. … [Read more...]

How to Do Real Food in a Tiny Kitchen

There's no way I can do all that stuff she does in her kitchen - it's massive and mine's so tiny!  Ever thought something like this while reading a blog or listening to a friend yak on about how she's fermenting this or that? If your kitchen is super tiny and you wonder how on earth you could ever take some of those Baby Steps you've been wanting to in such a limited space, I think you'll be encouraged below! A Peak Inside Tiny Kitchens A bunch of natural living bloggers and I have teamed up to show you what our teeny-tiny kitchens look like and how we manage to prepare real food with little counter space, storage space, etc. In other words, we're the "real life" ladies with … [Read more...]

Dear Exhausted Mom with Lots of Littles

I saw you today on a walk. A chubby, little hand popped out of the sagging stroller seat and ejected a sippy cup onto the unforgiving pavement. The owner of that little hand began screaming for their drink while you rushed to pick it up and wipe dirt off the spout. Suddenly, another little one in the other sagging seat poked a little too hard with the twig she begged to keep from the park. And World War III broke out...while the littlest one, snuggled safely on your chest, woke and cried for lunch. I saw you brush your hair away from your smudged eyes with the back of your dirty hand and begin to intervene in yet another squabble. And my heart squeezed for you. You're exhausted. … [Read more...]

Getting Settled in Tennessee

Well, we're getting settled in Tennessee! We've been here about 6 weeks and I must say that I absolutely love it! Certainly I miss my family, friends and church back in Orlando - that goes without saying!! But I have fallen in love with this place called Tennessee. We have spent the past several weeks exploring (most boxes were unpacked the first two weeks) our new area. Our home is located within walking distance of downtown Franklin, yet within a 10 minute drive we are in the countryside with horses dotting the rolling, green hills and mountains in the distance! Getting Settled and Exploring Here's a quick rundown of our first few weeks: Land: We were land-shopping our first … [Read more...]

We’re Moving!

It's true! I can hardly believe it, but it's true. In a few short weeks we'll be saying goodbye to Orlando, Florida and heading to Nashville, Tennessee! We both love the area (it's actually Franklin, and David has lived there before). And, possibly best of all, the group of churches we're a part of (Sovereign Grace Ministries) is planting a church smack in the heart of Franklin - Redeeming Grace Church! Though I've traveled to four other countries more than half a dozen times, I've lived fairly close to home. I was actually born and raised 15 minutes from where we currently live. In fact, my parents just sold the house I spent twenty years growing up in! So this is hard. Really, … [Read more...]

Labor and Delivery: When Something Goes…Wrong

You’re pregnant. You’ve been waiting for months for "Labor and Delivery Day." You’ve had aches, huge boobs, more sweat and tears than normal, hemorrhoids, sciatic pain. Some of you maybe gained stretch marks. Some of you puked your brains out. Some of you read about child-birth and joyfully made your hubby watch videos of other women’s naked bodies push out a kid. Some of you never read a single thing or watched a single video clip. Some of you will choose an epidural. Some of you will choose a home birth. Some of you choose one thing but end up with the opposite. But one thing is for certain. You will not be pregnant forever. During your pregnancy, … [Read more...]