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Organizing Your Child – How to Store Those Memories

Organizing your child? Easy-peasy! I’m not the sentimental type. I’m not! I don't stash stuff. Ok, maybe not much. Well, except when it comes to my husband. And my children. Hmmm.  Well, I suppose I do have my fair share of “memories” saved up in boxes. Every so often I purge those boxes, though! What was once super important to me just isn’t worth stashing compared to some of the other items in there. When we found out we were having triplets, I got everything my hubby and I had in boxes down to one hope chest! I knew were in for an onslaught of…stuff. And boy, was I right! We filled this house up in just a couple of months! We had three cribs, three swings (ours liked … [Read more...]

My Friend Paris: Book Review and Giveaway

It always amazes me to hear about child entrepreneurs and how motivated they are. This young girl, Paris, is no different and I'm excited to share her work with you. "My Friend Paris" is a series of books written by this 10 year old about her experiences with finding out her mom was pregnant with twins! Paris wanted to help others walk through what she did before, during and after her twin sisters were born. Nearly a dozen books relay, from a Big Sister's perspective, what it is like to: have Mom on bed-rest while pregnant bring two babies home from the hospital share the attention with the new little marvels travel with her twin sisters all over the world - including France and … [Read more...]

Posting at the Breastfeeding Place

Not long ago I was asked by Trisha over at Intoxicated on Life to write a couple of posts for a series she was doing on breastfeeding. I thought about it for all of two seconds and said YES. This series turned into something bigger than anticipated and has become a website of its own: Breastfeeding Place. I am so excited to be one of the regular contributing authors to this site! It's been fun getting to write about something I love and am passionate about: breastfeeding! Amazingly, the information available for assisting mamas breastfeeding multiples (especially triplets) is almost non-existent. It certainly was lacking when I began breastfeeding over 21 months ago. I hope to join other … [Read more...]

Happy 4th!

Far from simply a day to kick back and cook out, the fourth of July holds quite large meaning for those of us living in America. Over two and one-quarter centuries ago, our freedom was hard fought for and won. These freedoms affect us still, to this day, on a daily basis. In today's world, may we all seek to do what we can to protect these freedoms from being taken away from us and from our children. From our family to yours, happy 4th of July! … [Read more...]

Temper Tantrums…x 3

Nobody who has experienced a child’s temper tantrum would say they are eager for the next one to occur: “Oooh, that was just so much fun! I can’t wait to deal with a flailing, screaming, breath-holding, snot-dripping toddler again! I hope this happens again soon!” Said no parent. Ever. =) My babies are 21 months on the 1st and they are quite expressive these days (to state it mildly). Lately it seems that when one is set off, a second or a third quickly follows suit. It’s as if they all get together and discuss how and when and why to attack me. I know they don’t really. Probably not…right? The Challengers Because they are all at the same level of cognitive learning, their ability … [Read more...]

Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby {The Fine Print}

Welcome back to our series on the Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby! When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I knew it was good for baby. I began to realize just how good it was for baby. And I also learned it was really good for me, too! One of my favorite finds? That the "goodness" doesn't stop at the baby's birthday! It is still good for baby and mom, for as long as they both want to continue. There's no magical switch that's flipped on her first birthday where all of a sudden, after diving into that smash cake, breastfeeding is no longer beneficial or good. Nope. Breastmilk continues to deliver: nutrients, emotional security, physical development, and more. In fact, the WHO … [Read more...]

Benefits of Breastfeeding Baby {Bonding}

Breastfeeding. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with it. Some of us hate it. Others of us can't imagine not having another baby to breastfeed.  Far from being the "most natural thing in the world," I found it to be the most difficult thing in the world. But it has also proven to be (quite possibly) the most rewarding thing.There are some amazing benefits of breastfeeding which I'll be sharing soon. But today is about the bonding that most times results from breastfeeding. (Certainly bonding can take place without a breastfeeding relationship and this is not written to minimize the bond between mother and child where breastfeeding does not take place.) Attempting to breastfeed … [Read more...]

When Going to Church is Overwhelming…

Thanks to all who participated in our contest this past week for the TruKid Sunscreen! And the winner is... Emily W. Yay - congratulations, Emily! I can't wait to start the next giveaway - stay tuned!! Recently I came across this post and felt it resonate within every hormonal fiber of my being. =) If you've got children and the thought of the approaching Sunday church service fills your heart with dread, you're not alone. It is exhausting getting through a church service while corralling several kiddos. But this mom/pastor's wife/encourager speaks right to us and reminds us that it is good for us to bring our noisy, wild brood. Even with the tears (ours and theirs), the tantrums (ours … [Read more...]

Bon appétit, bébé! {Favorite Products and Resources}

Welcome back! If you are just joining us, you can read the rest of the posts in this series here: Bon appétit, bébé! Today we’re going to talk about some of my absolute favorite things when it comes to feeding Baby (and some of the equipment you need may very well be in your kitchen cabinets already!). I’ve tried several different products and narrowed it down to the following, which fell into the “I can’t live without them” category. Making Baby Food During the season when I was making food for the babies, I quickly learned that purees weren’t always necessary and it oftentimes took me a step further in preparation. But I did enjoy making a few purees and for those I simply needed the … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Things To Say To Moms of Multiples

Welcome back to our series on Life with Multiples! Some of your favorite posts in this series have been If You Were Born With Your Siblings and Ahhh, Those Newborn Days...x 3!!!. And read through to the end for a special deal for you! Being a mom of multiples (MoM), I am no stranger to embarrassing and, oftentimes, challenging questions while out with my family. It comes with the territory: I remember the day we first tried to go to our local Farmer’s Market when the babies were really little. There were three adults with me and we did not have enough fingers between us to count the stares, looks, points, questions and whispers. No joke. (I did get some free cheese for having … [Read more...]