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Can I Heal Cavities Naturally?

Could we heal cavities naturally?? That is the first question that flew through my mind when our dentist’s hygienists told me that TWO of my five children had FIVE cavities between them. What Happened?? My children’s entire lives have, thankfully!, been free from medical interventions. We have worked to eliminate toxins from our home, our pantry and our “medicine cabinet” (and have been successful!). For the past 10 years, my husband and I have been on this journey together and teaching our children why we do what we do (or don’t do what we don’t do). Other than the circumstances surrounding my C-section birth for the triplets, we have never had a hospital stay. The other two children were … [Read more...]

7 Easy, Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

This season, my husband and I were hit pretty hard with...something. It was a knock-you-off-your-feet couple of weeks. I did an assessment (since I am not big on doctor visits) and it seemed we were hit with the flu. Somehow, our toddlers escaped it. But both he and I were hanging out in the bathroom for several days. Let's just say it wasn't a bonding time for us. :) We were both very grateful for my arsenal of natural cold and flu remedies! We don't get the flu vaccine, so it is our responsibility to keep our vitamin D levels up to fight it off. Obviously, we didn't do a great job. Of course, we are none the worse for wear and our immune systems now have a natural immunity to the flu … [Read more...]