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“Jesus Loves Me, Mama!”

It wasn't a particularly trying day. Well, until I got the text that said he'd be home late. And then, all of a sudden, my day was going horribly. It took my two-year-old son to remind me that Jesus loves me - and him! - even in the midst of my sin and anger. Our day started out like normal - nurse the kiddos, breakfast, get dressed. Then I threw dipes on the line and piled kiddos into the car to get the co-op order for the week. Aside from slamming each other with their electronic books and giving each other routine "oweees," it went pretty well. After lunch, I got a decent nap out of them, went to get them up and whispered to Noah what we were having for snack: "Popsicles - shhh! … [Read more...]

Teaching Toddlers the Story of Jesus’ Birth – My Favorite Resources

If you have very young children, you know what I'm talking about when I say there is so much they don't understand. I often find myself stuttering as I try to "re-size" my instructions, descriptions, and even my excitement, to a level they can comprehend! And Christmas is no different. Teaching toddlers the story of Jesus' birth can be like trying to...well, teach a toddler anything: tough. Have you said any of these lately? We don't touch the Christmas tree! Even though it's big and twinkle-y and just randomly appeared in our living room? Look! It's Santa! Ohhhhk, well who are the other 25,000 people hovering around him? And you want me to sit on his lap??? What's a manger? … [Read more...]

3 Tips for How to Have a Stress-free Birthday Party

I am no stranger to planning events. It was part of what I did at my previous job (my current job is raising triplets and blogging - beg your pardon: my full-time job and a half). From lighting to set design, hospitality to food and beverage coordination, registration to marketing, travel to contract negotiating...I oversaw it all. I loved it. Each event was a culmination of countless hours of work, creativity, planning, sweat and tears. I saw each event - my baby - birthed and marveled at what could be done. So how can a simple birthday party bring me to my knees in exhaustion? And make me tremble at the thought of only 364 days till the next? The History of Birthday Parties Once upon … [Read more...]

Cupcakes, Hats and Shoes – A 2nd Birthday Party

We did a simple party for the babies this year. They don't watch TV, so they don't really know any characters. So that puts limits on a "theme." But they are so into hats and shoes. So we went off of that. Everybody had to wear their favorite hat and shoes. We saw all kinds of hats: masks (a little early for Halloween, dad!), beach hats, cowboy hats, princess, thug, you name it! And there were boots and sparkly heels and beach bum flippies! Big floppy hats maybe scare her? My little buddy tryin' to look too cool for the moment. And yes, I wore a princess crown. Wouldn't you? Yaya also chose a princess crown...Emma's quickly came off. Huh. Trying on new … [Read more...]

When Three Babies Turn Two

How can my three babies turn two already?! It's so bizarre. It seems like just yesterday I was finding out there wasn't one baby, but three. The pregnancy dragged on like a root canal. And then the first year was a blur - a wonderful and amazing blur. Suddenly, they turned one. And my heart cried. It all happened so fast - one moment they were being removed from my massive belly, and the next I was picking out first birthday party clothes. This past year has finally felt like a normal progression. I actually remember it, for starters. But even more, I enjoyed our babies daily growing into little people. Each has begun to fit into a personality that will continue to be shaped for … [Read more...]

First Day of Preschool – Easy as 1, 2, 3?

Recently I shared about a new curriculum I purchased (in fact, the giveaway for a copy of the curriculum and a Melissa & Doug band set is still going on here!). We incorporated this curriculum into our first week of preschool. I've always planned to homeschool. For as long as I can remember, I loved homeschooling. I spent seven years of my elementary and high school years schooled at home. The rest I was enrolled at various schools. When I was a senior, my mom had a kindergartener...and three other children in between! She was a rockstar! I Remember I remember awesome first days of school with treats and projects and special school rooms. I remember field trips to the park with … [Read more...]

When There’s Three on the Screen – Three Babies

When you're lying there with goop on your belly, nervous and excited, and the technician says, "There's three!" Three babies. And time stops. And your heart takes forever to start beating again. And your mind goes numb, yet races at the same time. And someone tells you to smile. And you feel like a freak. When you look at the man you created a child with, learn there are three and wonder if he'll stay with you. And your heart wills him to feel through the panic and walk it with you. Even as he does the same. When logic commands you to deny all possibilities, every fibre of your being in confusion. And yet curiosity compels you closer. And the mother's heart within you draws you, … [Read more...]

Down on the Farm

On a whim the other day, hubby and I decided to drive out to the farm where we get our milk and eggs from and see the animals, too! We had never been to the farm before, buying their cow's milk and chicken eggs from a booth at our local Farmer's Market. So this was spontaneous. People, did you miss that? I did something spontaneous! I mean, aside from creating three children at once and spontaneously!, doing "spontaneous" is not a typical action from me. And having those three children has made "spontaneous" even more challenging simply because of the time and effort involved in doing anything. I was getting pretty excited to show the babies the animals and vice versa. Visions of … [Read more...]

Temper Tantrums…x 3

Nobody who has experienced a child’s temper tantrum would say they are eager for the next one to occur: “Oooh, that was just so much fun! I can’t wait to deal with a flailing, screaming, breath-holding, snot-dripping toddler again! I hope this happens again soon!” Said no parent. Ever. =) My babies are 21 months on the 1st and they are quite expressive these days (to state it mildly). Lately it seems that when one is set off, a second or a third quickly follows suit. It’s as if they all get together and discuss how and when and why to attack me. I know they don’t really. Probably not…right? The Challengers Because they are all at the same level of cognitive learning, their ability … [Read more...]

The Back Porch

David and I let the M&Ms play on the back porch and eat their snack and I brought my camera. This is the result: Happy Friday! =) … [Read more...]