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How to Do Real Food in a Tiny Kitchen

There's no way I can do all that stuff she does in her kitchen - it's massive and mine's so tiny!  Ever thought something like this while reading a blog or listening to a friend yak on about how she's fermenting this or that? If your kitchen is super tiny and you wonder how on earth you could ever take some of those Baby Steps you've been wanting to in such a limited space, I think you'll be encouraged below! A Peak Inside Tiny Kitchens A bunch of natural living bloggers and I have teamed up to show you what our teeny-tiny kitchens look like and how we manage to prepare real food with little counter space, storage space, etc. In other words, we're the "real life" ladies with … [Read more...]

Got Picky Eaters? Turn Your Kids Into Real Food Lovers!

Do you feel like each mealtime becomes a battle as you try to get your picky eaters to Do you ever throw your hands up in exhaustion and pull another box of mac 'n cheese from the pantry, putting your toddler's destroyed meal (that you worked so hard on) in the fridge for your lunch tomorrow? Do you wish you could get your toddler to eat real food, steering them away from the junk-filled, processed and packaged foods they somehow tend to gravitate towards? Well, I've got good news for you! Mama, you can get your kiddo to eat real food. And, no, I don't mean by holding them down and pushing it into their mouths ( <---never ever a good idea ;) ). When I saw this ebook, … [Read more...]

Learn Healthy Living in One Easy Step

It's here! It's here, it's here, it's heeeeeeere! Each bundle I've gotten from Ultimate Bundles just keeps getting better and better. And this one's no different. I've been going through one ebook after another and learning so much that I can easily put to use. I'm gonna try to head to the coffee shop ASAP with Making Organic Food Affordable by Tara Wagner (see below). Because I'm all about saving money on real food! :) These ebooks make it easy to learn healthy living! In the past sales, I've gained several hundred fabulous ebooks that I can open on my iPhone or Kindle or pull up on my laptop. Rather than overwhelming, I know I have a fantastic, growing (organized!) library of resources … [Read more...]

The Secret is Out!

So you know those "bundle o' books" sales everyone's always talking about? The ones you just can't find the cash for no matter how many pennies you pinch? Well, now you can get your bundle absolutely free! Yep. I do mean FREE! Each bundle the Ultimate Bundles team has created gets better and better! (Remember the last bundle? My brand new ebook was in that bundle - click here.) And usually the bonus offers are more than worth the cost of the entire bundle - I'm talking free make-up, fabric, 100s of loads of laundry detergent, supplements and more!! This bundle will be no different: over $1000 in value for only $29.97! So. Let's cut to the chase. "How can I get my bundle for … [Read more...]

How to Start a Co-op – and Why You Want To

Alright, confession time! I get a little giddy when I save money - I love a good deal, same as the next girl. Let's face it - we women often get a sense of accomplishment from saving money, right? Well, did you know you can get amazing deals when you start a co-op? It's true! Today I'm sharing at on how you can start a co-op. I have gotten all sorts of things from co-ops (both from those I've run and joined): beef, poultry, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, produce, beef jerky, etc. I find it's well worth the time investment to source quality whole foods at lesser prices. Here's a few of the steps I am sharing... How to Start a Co-op Find a need. Find a … [Read more...]

Summer Giveaway Bash – BlendTec, doTERRA, NYR Organics

What does this summer giveaway have to do with *you*? Well, if you like smoothies (ice cream? soup? dip? food?), could use some pampering or want to add some awesome essential oils to your arsenal, keep reading! Are you excited for summer? We are! In fact, we're excited to be bringing you an amazing chance to get all the tools you need to be healthy this summer. With three winners being selected and over $700 in prizes it's sure to be fun! We have a giveaway this month geared towards anyone wanting to be healthy and even a little pampered. We're starting with spa products, then moving on to natural healing, and finishing with the perfect blender for smooth summer treats. Let's take a … [Read more...]

Homemade Ice Cream: I’d Serve this for Breakfast!

I actually seriously considered it. I was going back and forth between being a "cool" mom and a "logical" mom (shouldn't the two intersect more often??). In the end, I went with scrambled eggs. I know, I know. Homemade ice cream for breakfast would have probably put us in the running for an "I'll do anything for you now, momma!" kind of day. But I served it up as an afternoon snack...that's almost as cool, right? And I may have snuck a couple of spoonfuls anyway - because I could! But for real, this ice cream is delicious! It hit my "salty" and "sweet" meters I actually don't have an ice cream maker yet. I made this batch with the "fast technique" that Marillyn describes … [Read more...]

Why I Let My Kids Eat More Ketchup

These days, it's pretty common knowledge that condiments are "bad for you." From mayonnaise to BBQ sauce, these dips can jump to our hips! Ketchup is no different. That is...unless you serve up the "good for you" kind. Ketchup - The Bad for You Kind So, what exactly is in ketchup and why is it so bad for you? Well, according to the Heinz website, the basic recipe contains high fructose corn syrup as the third ingredient! The fourth? Corn syrup. The last ingredient? Natural flavoring. "Oh, that doesn't sound so bad," you say. Well it might not be too bad if it truly was "natural" flavoring. However, it is anything but natural. Natural flavorings are chemically altered and don't … [Read more...]

Fertility and Pregnancy – What to Eat and Why

My dream has always been to have 12 far I am about 1/6 of the way there! My husband, Daniel, and I got married in the summer of 2012 and 14 months later we had both a foster child (big surprise!) and a biological child. We know that children are a blessing from the Lord, and blessed is the man who has many of them (Psalms 127). Therefore, we are trusting God with our family size and know that He could send us children at any time….which means my body needs to always be ready to receive a little miracle from Him! This means my diet for fertility and pregnancy plays an ongoing important role. Fertility and Pregnancy - the Importance of Diet and Cleansing It’s amazing to think … [Read more...]

Homemade Southwest Spicy Ranch Dressing

Did you know homemade dressings are one of the easiest condiments to make yourself? It's true. I can easily whip up a batch of ranch dressing in just a couple of minutes! I don't know why I spent so many years purchasing costly pre-made salad dressings that are filled with nasties and not nearly as flavorful. Never mind, I do know why I did. It's because we've been programmed as a culture, that is just one of those things you purchase. I'm here to tell you, you don't need to! Scary Ingredients in a Popular Ranch Dressing Check out the image below. I've hi-lighted some of the questionable ingredients by underlining them in red (some of the ingredients I don't even know WHAT they … [Read more...]