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Happy 4th!

Far from simply a day to kick back and cook out, the fourth of July holds quite large meaning for those of us living in America. Over two and one-quarter centuries ago, our freedom was hard fought for and won. These freedoms affect us still, to this day, on a daily basis. In today's world, may we all seek to do what we can to protect these freedoms from being taken away from us and from our children. From our family to yours, happy 4th of July! … [Read more...]

The Back Porch

David and I let the M&Ms play on the back porch and eat their snack and I brought my camera. This is the result: Happy Friday! =) … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Is…

Like you, I was hit by a tsunami of "I love my mother" posts on all the social media sites. It was precious seeing everyone's baby pictures, all of the "you're the best mother in the world" declarations, etc. And I loved seeing all the women honored - women who have sacrificed bodies, careers and unending hours of time to produce and care for and love their children. However, I found myself tossed by different emotions and thoughts. It seems to me that Mother's Day is actually very similar to every other day before it and after it! (Bear with me here - I have only celebrated a few Mother's Days, ok? I'm new at this. =) I mean, right? Would you agree that Mother's Day is: wiping snotty … [Read more...]

Babe In A Mug

Recently my hubby said he was surprised I hadn't picked up on the "baby in a mug" craze going around. I said, "what's baby in a mug?" He was even more surprised to learn I hadn't seen this yet. So he told me to Google it. I did. And ohmygoodness, sooooo cute and so fun! So, of course I had to do it. Heehee! And why stop with one baby? Let's get TRIPLETS in a mug!!! So, without further ado, here is our snapshot of #babeinamug: This was obviously a very large mug. Kidding. It's actually the mug we got from our honeymoon. :sigh: Now I need to go reheat my, coffee! And you wanted to vote for us below, right? Cause you haven't yet today? See, I knew there was a reason I was including … [Read more...]

Easter Weekend

I've always loved Easter and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love remembering His incredible sacrifice for us on Good Friday, and His triumph over the grave three days later. I grew up knowing it was a celebration of "more than just fun baskets." My parents did a wonderful job teaching us the true meaning of Easter. And I am so grateful.But we also had lots of fun with Easter! I can't tell you how many times we found "lost" Easter eggs in the backyard...months afterwards. Or how many bunnies or birds we got at the end of a treasure hunt over the years. Or the Easter cakes and crafts we made. Or how many times we've gone through the Easter eggs that tell the Resurrection … [Read more...]

Ohhh, I LoveLoveLove The HairBow Company

I have lost count of the number of times I've been asked where I get the girls' cute tutus and all their pretty hair bows! The answer? The HairBow Company. I am a sucker for having my girls match but finding and buying two outfits that do is often incredibly difficult. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg to get cute hair bows and headbands, too! The HairBow Company sells many of their items in bulk and offers a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge variety of items (leg warmers, flower clips, hats, marabou, rompers, ribbons, etc.). When I came across their website, I realized they were selling those adorable crochet headbands for about $0.33 apiece! So I may have bought a couple...dozen. And when I saw the … [Read more...]

Doing “Normal”

Yesterday I felt the most "normal" I've felt in a long time. Having three babies oftentimes limits me in so many ways. Breastfeeding three babies oftentimes limits me in so many ways. I love having three babies. And I love breastfeeding them. By nature of these things, though, we simply don't do a whole lot. Oh, we get out of the house. I am asked that all the time - and we really do. David and I enjoy running errands with the babies and doing things on Saturdays. And of course we make every effort to get to church on Sundays. But fun things? Things that many parents can do on a whim or by themselves? Things like the park? ...not so easy. But in the last few weeks I have dropped our late … [Read more...]

Say “Cheese!”, part 2

I have been waiting for this day. I had a vision for the first year's pictures of the babies and we worked really hard to get through the first year to tell a "story." Right after the babies turned one I posted the first part of the results of a year's worth of photography shoots. You can view them here: Say "Cheese!". But what I didn't tell you was that there were more. Oh, so much more! =) Soon after the babies came home, I purchased some ballerina tutus from The HairBow Company (if you have girls you have to check them out - their prices are stellar!!!). I wanted to do a "grow with me" theme. So here are my favorites from each of their monthly shoots. (Photog credits are the same as … [Read more...]

Eating Leaves

The other day the weather was just perfect. You know the kind! It wasn't too hot and wasn't too cold. It was somewhere right in between - a temp both David and I could agree on!!! The sky was blue and so of course we headed outside. No big deal, right? Wrong. Have you ever tried to herd a bunch of cats? No? Well, me neither...until the babies got mobile. Trying to get them to go anywhere a straight line...without tripping...or stopping...or tripping like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos (as the new saying goes). So just getting outside is quite a feat. And then once we get out there? Well, let's just say there's a reason we don't often do this. Babies in … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!!!

From the Fountain Family to yours - we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous Christmas season! We are celebrating Him who came to give life, to rescue us from the miry pit!! The rest of the pictures from the photo shoot will be up tomorrow. I'll give you a'll meet a frog and a princess or two. =) … [Read more...]