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Parenting is…

Incredible. Overwhelming. Exhausting. Terrifying. Challenging. Rewarding. Tricky. Testing. In a word...hard. What parent hasn't felt desperate for help, answers, and wisdom in knowing how to raise their child(ren)? Which of us hasn't watched a screaming baby who's been fed, changed, and burped and yet refuses to be calmed or 3am? What parent hasn't wondered what in the world to do with a toddler who refuses to go near the potty...and considered how bad it would be for him to actually go to college with Huggies? Who hasn't stared back at an 8 year old with an attitude the size of Texas and wondered how she got you to argue back with her for the past five minutes? Which … [Read more...]

18 Month Update

Ohmygoodness. It’s just sososo hard to believe that my babies are 18 months old! The time has flowwwwwwn by; they’ve changed so much…and in just 18 months! From 3lbs 12 oz to 22 pounders, my little M&Ms have transformed seemingly overnight. Friday we had our 18 month well-visit (I really only make these because I like hearing “good job, mama” every once in a while from a professional…there’s my confession =). Each one is right on track for children their age born full-term! This is just amazing to us and we never cease to be amazed that God has brought them so far. They spent the first 7 weeks of their life growing outside of the womb-home they were “supposed” to be still living in. … [Read more...]

How To Take Three Kids To A Restaurant Bathroom

In light of my potty-training post earlier this week, when I came across this the other day I laughed out loud and had to share it. I have taken many children to public restrooms in my day - from my own siblings to the children I've babysat. And it icks me out. I had no idea how I'll take three potty-training toddlers out but I know. =) Happy Friday, everyone!!! … [Read more...]

Potty Training!!!

I know I'm a ways away from this season, but it never hurts to be prepared, right??? My poor hubby is very eager to move beyond the diaper changing stage - probably because he changes between 6 and 15 diapers a day!!! But I keep trying to explain to him what that season will look like. I remember when my youngest brothers were being potty-trained (sorry, Daniel and Caleb =). And babysitting young children who were potty-training. But potty training THREE??? Ohhhhh my. My Facebook groups for MoMs of triplets and other HOMs are often cheering each other on as various MoMs announce their plans to spend the upcoming weekend potty-training. So I know it's going to be a daunting task to … [Read more...]