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Down on the Farm

On a whim the other day, hubby and I decided to drive out to the farm where we get our milk and eggs from and see the animals, too! We had never been to the farm before, buying their cow's milk and chicken eggs from a booth at our local Farmer's Market. So this was spontaneous. People, did you miss that? I did something spontaneous! I mean, aside from creating three children at once and spontaneously!, doing "spontaneous" is not a typical action from me. And having those three children has made "spontaneous" even more challenging simply because of the time and effort involved in doing anything. I was getting pretty excited to show the babies the animals and vice versa. Visions of … [Read more...]

Introducing: Foodie Fridays

These days there are so many different diets and ways to eat. From weight-loss programs to lifestyle eating, you can find book after book, and blog after blog promoting and informing on just one approach to food. It can be overwhelming! Enter "Foodie Fridays!" Not too long ago, I began to realize that so many diets, or ways of eating, cut out this food or that one. And while I believe doing so for a time can be incredibly beneficial to many, I think God created a smorgasbord of foods for all of His children to enjoy. The key, though, are two things: moderation and natural. Moderation We'll talk more about this in the coming weeks, but most of America's diet is anything but moderate. One … [Read more...]

Bon appétit, bébé! {Two Weeks of Food in Two Hours}

Hey, hey! Welcome back to our series on making real food for Baby. You can catch up on the previous posts in this series here: Bon appétit, bébé! Today I'll be sharing with you how you can make two weeks of baby food in only two hours. Yep. That's it. And I don't mean a "tablespoon-a-day's worth" like I've seen in other meal plans. I mean three hearty, generous meals a day for the next two weeks. Ready? The Method Behind the Madness Last week I shared that I went off a chart based on the foods "appropriate" for my babies' age group. I mainly did this because it helped me to think outside the box and not just serve them the same ol' same ol'. And then I checked which produce I wanted to … [Read more...]

Bon appétit, bébé! {What to Feed Baby}

Welcome back! If you’d like to get caught up on the previous posts in this series, click here: Bon appétit, bébé! Today we’ll be discussing great starter foods for Baby. And next week? How to avoid picky-eating. There are lots of yummy foods you could feed your baby, right? And, whether you choose to make babyfood or not, it just makes sense that we want to offer the most nutrient-dense foods possible. We don’t want to waste empty calories to fill a tummy that may not be hungry the next time the breast (or bottle) is offered. These empty calories are found in cereals and sometimes in fruits and vegetables. The Alligator Pear A great first food is avocado (nicknamed the alligator … [Read more...]

Bon appétit, bébé! {Myth Busters}

Welcome back to our series on feeding Baby! If you missed the other posts, you can click to read the “intro” and “how and when to feed baby.” If you're all caught on! =) The Munchies When thinking through how you’ll begin feeding your baby, you may want to take a look at which produce is the “dirtiest.” The EWG has an excellent list of items ranging from the dirtiest to the cleanest. (If you’re unfamiliar with why organic is often super important, you may want to read my recent post documenting how our food has become a literal science experiment of nastiness!) Once I knew what was in our food, I just couldn’t see how putting that into their bodies made any sense: chemicals, … [Read more...]

Triplets Want Real Food, Too!

It’s no secret that I’m big on no-GMO foods over here. Even the triplets don’t like GMOs. It’s true! This was their reaction when I showed them some GM corn: Ok, so really they had no idea what I was telling them. But I do and it’s my job to protect them however I can until they do understand and can make decisions for themselves. Amen? GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms” and you will find GMOs in just about every item on the shelf in your grocery store. What’s the big deal? Why should we care? Basically, it’s like this. That tomato looks fresh and juicy and should hurry up and jump on your burger, right? Wrong. That tomato has been scientifically engineered in a lab. Way … [Read more...]

A Little Bitty Garden

That's what I have now! I actually am really excited and feel so super grown-up! I have always hated anything to do with yard-work, much preferring to be in the house accomplishing something. I guess I just hate bugs and dirt and...the unknown? But now with three little mouths to feed (that really can eat more than I do!), I am desperately looking for ways I can decrease our costs while still serving up wholesome, real foods. So, I turn to the world of gardening. Did you know it's far more difficult than planting something in some dirt and watering every day??? There's a whole science to it. Ok, so I really did know that, but I didn't know as much of the science as I know now...and there's … [Read more...]

If You Give a {Crunchy} Mom a Cupcake

If you’re finding us here at Growing Up Triplets via Pinterest or Facebook, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. =) If you’d like to get to know us a bit more, click on the “About” page above. You can subscribe by email so each new post is delivered right to your Inbox and like us on Facebook – both are on the sidebar to the right! I have a confession to make. I really like the label "crunchy." I work uber hard at living life simply and naturally, while doing so as frugally as possible. It is not easy, but it is fun! (See my Baby Steps to Natural Living.) I don't claim to do it all (or even much!) perfectly, either. But I have a really great time learning and implementing. So I wear the … [Read more...]

Product Review – Local Organic Moms

What’s up, ladies?? Ok, so the guys can listen in, too! But since we are the ones usually meal-planning, grocery-shopping and meal-making…listen up, girls! If you’re in the Orlando area, life just got easier for you…well, it’s about to! Not too long ago a friend alerted me to the company Local Organic Moms (heretofore referred to as LOMs…hey, all the cool people do!). It’s a produce delivery company and I thought, “Ok how is this one different than the others I’ve checked into? C’mon, wow me!” And they did. First off, their website is pretty. I’m all about advertising and good marketing when the product is good. I’m impressed because it conveys a lot of thought and attention to detail. I … [Read more...]