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6 Ingredient Chinese Green Beans with Ground Pork

This is really yummy. I know I say that about all of my recipes, but it's true. You already know I love Chinese food, so this one should be no surprise! My current obsession is with this 6 ingredient Chinese green beans and pork stir-fry! I'm a huge fan of non-CAFO meat but sometimes beef is just too expensive for my budget. So along with these tips for saving money and eating real food, I love to use ground pork. We'll toss some on salads and have a Chipotle-style taco salad (this dressing is yummy!). But this Chinese-style pork and green beans is probably our favorite. It's easy to throw together. It's only six ingredients. It's all real food. And clean-up is two pans. … [Read more...]

25 Easy, Healthy, Real Food Snacks for Toddlers

Do you ever get in a rut with your kids? Hand them the same snacks every day? I definitely do! Thankfully mine are so easy-going they usually don't mind if I stick with routine. (My go-to is homemade trail-mix with organic raisins, soaked and dehydrated nuts, banana chips, and any other dried fruit I have on hand.) But sometimes the monotony of day-to-day life with my awesome little toddlers gets to me and I need to shake things up a bit! I asked some of my favorite bloggy-mamas what their favorite real food snacks are. In my book, they have to be first nourishing and secondly...easy. So here are some of our favorites! 25 Easy, Healthy, Real Food Snacks for Toddlers Bars Cherry-Nut … [Read more...]

The Many Faces of Sourdough – Pizza Crust, Chocolate Cake and more!!

Did you know that you can do more with your sourdough starter than just a loaf? What if I told you sourdough pizza crust is in your future? (I know, you can thank me someday - I'll take a cheese pie, please!) Before I started researching sourdough and its benefits over other homemade bread methods, I thought sourdough bread was just...sour bread. It was just "ok" in my book. I had no idea that the majority of age-old, traditional breads, rolls, baked goods and more were actually all made with wild yeast (or sourdough starter <------ by the way, you can learn how to easily make your own here or buy a starter here). Imagine my surprise when I began seeing recipes for waffles, … [Read more...]

Eggplant Pizza Bites {Gluten-free}

I've fallen in love with eggplant. It always seemed so blah and boring - at least what was on the inside. The outside has always fascinated me. So pretty-purple! God makes such interesting fruits and veggies, doesn't He?! And these guys are perfect for making eggplant pizza bites! But, I found some great new ideas on Pinterest to use all this eggplant I've been getting from my local organic food delivery! And this one was a winner with the kiddos and hubby! Think of it kind of like Bagel Bites...but without the nasty bagel. Or the nasty pepperoni. Ok, so they're really only similar in that they're about the size of Bagel Bites. Fun for the kiddos!! Eggplant Pizza Bites - Oh, … [Read more...]