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Boutique For A Week – sale week!

Children are expeeeensive! I mean, seriously. And mine are only 18 months old! I figured teenagers and food, college, sports would equal a lot of money. But 18 monthers??? Yep, it's true. I'll break it down for you: Clothing Since I got my kiddos all at once, I had to buy anything they needed. No hand-me-downs from previous siblings, even though I have two girls! I've been able to borrow a bunch of Noah's clothes off and on, but I really like having the girls match (you would, too!! =). And, since mine started out in size "preemie," we've gone through 18 sets of clothes in the first 18 months. That's right. Eighteen. Eighteen full sets of clothes. That's like buying an entire new wardrobe … [Read more...]

Our New Wheels – Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon

It's here! It's here! It's here! Our new Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon arrived the other day and I could hardly wait to get the babies in it! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read about my stroller addiction here.) And it really is fantastic! I love that the babies are engaged with what we're doing now. In the strollers they tend to sit back and zone out (which is not always a bad thing =). But in this they sit up, look around, laugh, play, hit and fight (of course!) and point and chatter. I also love that we fit on the sidewalk now! I never would have imagined that'd be a plus for kids' wheels but it is! I don't have to watch for traffic; though when crossing the street they … [Read more...]

My Addiction – to Strollers!

I confess. I have one. At least, it is a slight addiction…. "Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m addicted to strollers." I have five. To be fair, though, each one serves their purpose. No, no they really do! And actually, many moms of multiples (MoMs) have far more than this…so there! And honestly, we’ve been blessed with so many of them we have only had to purchase two! My Strollers - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly I have a single stroller. Yep. With three babies. Originally, I wanted a single and double so we could snap the infant carriers into them and each push a stroller. I hoped that would minimize the attention that so many of the triple strollers get. Now I use it if I take one out … [Read more...]