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More Tips for Surviving Weddings with Toddlers

My last post on surviving a wedding with toddlers turned out to be just the start! Our two year old triplets were in two weddings in less than four months! Let's just say we learned a lot and I think a TV show about toddlers and weddings would be far more interesting than anything David Tutera puts together. :) And, because I feel like an expert ;), here are seven more tips for surviving weddings with toddlers - whether you have one or five! If you missed the first set of tips, be sure to get them all here. More Tips for Surviving Weddings with Toddlers Practice Get excited about what she gets to do! Is she riding in a wagon? So cool! Walking and holding hands with an older girl? … [Read more...]

How to Survive a Wedding with Toddlers

You know that moment when the room is totally silent and all of a sudden you hear a child begin talking in a very loud voice and you wonder who can't keep their kid quiet...and you realize it's your toddler?? Yes, that would be me. I experienced that. My three two year olds were recently in my brother's and sister's weddings - and I lived to tell about it! It took some serious planning, but in the end we had a blast. So, I wanted to share my survival tips with you so you, too, can survive a wedding with toddlers! :) How to Survive a Wedding with Toddlers Have a Plan Ok, I get all you people who can just let things happen. I applaud you. Really, I do. (I'm just not one of them. :o) ) … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Encourage a Weary Mom

Have you had those moments when you wonder how you'll make it through another year? Me, too! With the start of a new year before us, I am tempted to discouragement with thoughts of an endless sea of tantrums, dishes, messes, diapers, whining, and training. From one weary mom to another...I am exhausted before we even begin!! (And I don't think it's just because I'm a mom of triplets - I'm guessing all moms face these feelings at some time or another!) But that's where the Holy Spirit is so faithful to remind me of His endless sea of mercy, grace, love, forbearance, patience, and kindness! And all of those character traits (along with His help!) are available to me on a daily basis. And … [Read more...]

Christmas List – Why We Only Get 4 Gifts for Each Child + Freebie

Does your family tear into the gifts - with the wrapping paper flying all over the place? Or are gifts opened one at a time - everyone "oooohing" and "ahhhing" over each one? Personally, my family (growing up) fell into the latter of the two categories and I loveloveloved it. David grew up with the first! (Funny, isn't it? How even in these "small" things there can be a mesh and merge of traditions, ideas, and preferences?) I remember my mom making a Christmas list in a spiral-bound notebook of what each child was getting - and the corresponding numbers were on each gift! Having five children (before shopping was done on the internet!) meant lots of stores, boxes, gift wrap...and … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Toddlers: When They Won’t Settle Down

Breastfeeding toddlers is a whole other ball game. Most likely the days of latch and supply issues, falling asleep during a feeding, and weight gain concerns are things of the past. Now, your only goal in life is to keep your nipple attached to your body! So how can an extended season of breastfeeding be enjoyable for mom, too? Curiosity Curiosity kills the cat…or the nipples. As babies grow older, their desire for independence and their curiosity for the world around them grows, too. The smallest sound causes them to “pop off” and sometimes forget to open their mouths. Ouch! So what's a mom to do? Weaning is only one of your options! Join me over at Breastfeeding Place to find out … [Read more...]

Goat’s Milk Formula – Recipe and Tutorial

This goat's milk formula recipe is a follow-up to Angela's story - if you missed why she and her husband chose goat's milk formula for their twin boys, click here! When I make formula, I buy 8 gallons of goat’s milk at a time.  This makes me 16 gallons of formula!!  I quadrupled the recipe shown below and rewrote it so it’s for 1 gallon of milk and 1 gallon of water, instead of 4 cups each.  This makes it easier as I get my milk in gallons.  So here’s how I prep on my formula making days… I put the dry ingredients (nutritional yeast and powdered vitamin C) in 8 little glass cups for the 8 batches I’ll be making.       I use 8 mugs … [Read more...]

First Day of Preschool – Easy as 1, 2, 3?

Recently I shared about a new curriculum I purchased (in fact, the giveaway for a copy of the curriculum and a Melissa & Doug band set is still going on here!). We incorporated this curriculum into our first week of preschool. I've always planned to homeschool. For as long as I can remember, I loved homeschooling. I spent seven years of my elementary and high school years schooled at home. The rest I was enrolled at various schools. When I was a senior, my mom had a kindergartener...and three other children in between! She was a rockstar! I Remember I remember awesome first days of school with treats and projects and special school rooms. I remember field trips to the park with … [Read more...]

When There’s Three on the Screen – Three Babies

When you're lying there with goop on your belly, nervous and excited, and the technician says, "There's three!" Three babies. And time stops. And your heart takes forever to start beating again. And your mind goes numb, yet races at the same time. And someone tells you to smile. And you feel like a freak. When you look at the man you created a child with, learn there are three and wonder if he'll stay with you. And your heart wills him to feel through the panic and walk it with you. Even as he does the same. When logic commands you to deny all possibilities, every fibre of your being in confusion. And yet curiosity compels you closer. And the mother's heart within you draws you, … [Read more...]

My Friend Paris: Book Review and Giveaway

It always amazes me to hear about child entrepreneurs and how motivated they are. This young girl, Paris, is no different and I'm excited to share her work with you. "My Friend Paris" is a series of books written by this 10 year old about her experiences with finding out her mom was pregnant with twins! Paris wanted to help others walk through what she did before, during and after her twin sisters were born. Nearly a dozen books relay, from a Big Sister's perspective, what it is like to: have Mom on bed-rest while pregnant bring two babies home from the hospital share the attention with the new little marvels travel with her twin sisters all over the world - including France and … [Read more...]

Down on the Farm

On a whim the other day, hubby and I decided to drive out to the farm where we get our milk and eggs from and see the animals, too! We had never been to the farm before, buying their cow's milk and chicken eggs from a booth at our local Farmer's Market. So this was spontaneous. People, did you miss that? I did something spontaneous! I mean, aside from creating three children at once and spontaneously!, doing "spontaneous" is not a typical action from me. And having those three children has made "spontaneous" even more challenging simply because of the time and effort involved in doing anything. I was getting pretty excited to show the babies the animals and vice versa. Visions of … [Read more...]