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The Great Shot Debate, part 2

I shouldn't have been, but I was: I was surprised by the huge response to the first part of this series: The Great Shot Debate (if you haven't read it, start there and take the quick poll, too!). I have received Facebook emails, text, comments and questions galore! Part of why I think this topic is so popular is because we all love our children so very, very much. And, with new information cropping up every day - both pro and anti vaccinations, I think all our ears are tuned in. Each of us wants to make sure we are doing the best thing(s) for our children and to feel confident in those decisions. Which is a good thing. What we shouldn't be doing is blindly accepting anyone's recommendations … [Read more...]

The Great Shot Debate

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is, indeed, the question. These days, there is always some "mommy war" somewhere online with people debating the usefulness, necessity, safety and purpose of modern vaccinations. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you're probably very quick to defend your family's decision on this matter. And understandably so! Who wants to be accused of doing something harmful or foolish for their child(ren)??? Both sides have some really good points and both sides have some serious risks involved. But...isn't that what parenting is all about? Making decisions based on the information you have available to you and hoping and praying those are the right decisions for … [Read more...]