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Girl, Look at that Daddy…

This is not David and we do not have two older children in addition to our triplets (Caitlin Taylor, my hat's off to you!!!). But this is hilariously and scarily close to our daily life. My husband is Super Man. Having triplets requires so much of his time and involvement. I am so grateful he does all that he does willingly and joyfully. I couldn't have asked for a better husband. Enjoy! =) Happy Friday!!! … [Read more...]

Mama’s Baby Birdies

A while ago I wrote about our first feeding experience (here) and what our eating schedule was like (here). Until about a month ago, though, we were only doing one feeding of solids a day. Then, I added in breakfast. And I served it up all by myself. This is the video I took of our very first breakfast - and my first time feeding the birdies. I thought it'd give you a little glimpse into what feeding frenzies times are like...though if you have multiples it's probably an all-too familiar scene! Enjoy! =) Fountain Triplets' Feeding from David Fountain on Vimeo. … [Read more...]